Thursday, 27 April 2017


Exciting times ahead for the Arkham City Limits "Extra" Blog - coming up soon a series of Articles about third Party Terrain and Bases that are suitable for use with the Batman Miniatures Game, with Articles being worked on for both TTCombat and Secret Weapon products even as we speak.
"Watch this Space" as it were!

The Falcone Crime Family (Long Time No Blog)

"Long Time No Blog" - why? I hear you ask (think? type? LoL) ORIGINALLY this was meant to be a joint effort between multiple people, and they all let me down one by one - new year (5th Anniversary of the Batman Miniatures Game too) brings with it new challenges (including the ACL News Page, as well as the Arkham City Limits being the Official Knight Models Group Now too and a fresh start, so here we go again LoL!

What to review first, isn't that the challenge with any set of new releases - I could start with the new Arkham Knight Campaign Book, but there have already been some great reviews (even one from ACL Member Sam Graven, I don't really see the point at the moment - maybe later as a retrospective review, when folks had had more time to digest it).

So, instead - I shall be talking about the new Organized Crime releases. But rather than breaking down the rules, and meta-analysing their usefulness in competitive play - I shall be talking about the Miniatures themselves.

First off, I have to say these are some of the best castings I've seen from Knight Models - smooth, only a few lines and some of that "tin foil" flash you see on miniatures sometimes to clean off, a real joy to assemble.

The new Flagstone bases are fantastic - I love them (I shall be using the "rubbly" bases exclusively for the DCU game personally, the extra wreckage and debris look feels appropriate to that game to me for some reason).

Onto the miniatures! Today's review the Falcone Crime Family!

Carmine Falcone (a Leader Model for the Falcone Crime Family - 85 Rp/$0.00) is one of the best conceived and understated Miniatures Knight Models have produced. Just having him standing there, sniffing a Rose creates an almost "Godfather" level of Sinister to him. The Miniature, Standing Casually with his right hand in his pocket oozes class, style, and menace. Carmine required almost no cleaning - just a little filing, and (obviously) scoring at the arm joint (the hand/arm holding the Rose is a separate piece) to provide purchase for gluing.

Vipera (a Henchman Model for the Falcone Crime Family - 27 Rp/$300.00), is another relaxed pose - but one that says "you're dead" to me, almost hinting at the calm before the storm when he moves into action. Like Carmine, Vipera required almost no cleaning up - and like Carmine, Vipera came in two pieces with his Silenced Pistol arm being a separate component.

Onto Troy Sins (another Henchman Model for the Falcone Crime Family - 16 Rp/$0.00), who (quite wonderfully in my humble opinion) looks quite bemused/confused - maybe he's not quite as bright as his fellow Crew Members or maybe he's confused as to who Carmine Falcone wants him to bash in the head first. Either way, its a great pose that just oozes character. Another two part casting (the baseball bat arm is a separate component) once again, it was easy to clean up and assemble.

Lastly, for the Falcone Crime Family Crew set "The Bull"!

The Bull (also a Henchman Model for the Falcone Crime Family - 22 Rp/$0.00), is a beefy kind of a guy, although its not clear whether he's a little overweight (his neck hints at a double chin) or that he's older but muscular under that suit, he looks the "thuggish" part (he kinda reminds me of "Butch" from Gotham). A one piece casting, the Bull was mostly flash and line free - with only the "tin foil flash" under the arms.

Alberto Falcone - The Holiday Killer (a separate Blister to the Falcone Crime Family Set) is a Sidekick Model for the Falcone Crime Family - 60 Rp/$350.00. An absolutely stunning model (that REALLY reminds me of the Actor Mads Mikkelsen for some reason) - and once again a two part casting (the hand/arm holding his cigarette is a separate component) and as with the other releases in the Falcone Family part of the BMG Range, it was really easy to clean up and assemble.

As they stand, these models are a good solid start giving you a beginning crew with a Reputation of 210 and Funding of $650.00!

To this "core" you can add the Gangster Henchmen Boris & Dirty Tom - as Carmine Falcone has the Trait "Elite Boss: Gangster, any Crew led by him can include any number of Models classed as "Elite: Gangster" (plus Carmines "Lord of Business gives him an extra $500 funding to play with) - which would put you on a Reputation of 275 and Funding of $1200.00!

To that you could easily add a Free Agent (or Maybe some Black Gate Prisoners) to bring things nicely up to 350 Reputation.

I have to readily admit, the new Organized Crime Miniatures are some of the nicest Gangster Types produced for any Miniatures range I've seen.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Foggiest Notion (or It's Not a Problem, I can Handle It Part IIa)

Some of you (in particular my Gaming and ACL Friends) will be aware of miniatures related disaster I had recently - during a particularly bad spat of weather, we lost some slates off the roof - and that resulted in the wind blowing around inside the attic and knocking over a stack of figure cases.

This resulted in the greater majority of my BMG Collection (both part painted and fully finished) bouncing around in the cases - damaging all of them, three have been repaired without having to strip the paint off them. The rest are being stripped - and will be started again. One, Nightwing, was irreparable - when I tried straightening his batons the broke off and the left ankle (which had been repaired once before) is beyond my skills to repair it now sadly.

I had a decided notion to get back on the horse, and re-build my painted collection ASAP - which is hard for me (I'm a slow painter with bad hands) but still, here I go.

So my other BMG painting is going to remain on the shelf for now, whilst I play catch-up (see that article here) most of my finished Batman's are being stripped now so I turned my attention to the Arkham Knight Batman. I decided to keep him on the Gargoyle (I know some haven't, but I like it LoL) - and I'm finding him a little hard going for some reason. So far I've glazed him to give definition - painted the under-mesh of his suit and started the Gloves and Boots.

The Red Hood was an easy repair, his arm came of clean - and he needed re-basing (all that needs doing now is a tidy/touch up around his feet)

Officer Porkins (as I call him) was in a bad state, the GCPD Writing on the back of his jacked had chipped off - his flashlight arm had come off, and his nightstick was completely gone (I couldn't find it) - the replacement is a paper-clip/putty effort.

The GCPD Detective is a new paint job, I started him whilst Agent Ron was soaking in the paint stripper. Ron's now ready to clean up properly and polish.

The Detective is well on his way now, I'm pleased with the progress on his coat - still need to tidy up around the buttons.

Lastly, and this was a FIDDLY one - my Urban Batman. The arm and ear broke off - the ear sheared off, and was lost. The Arm was just a clean up and re-glue - then touch up the paint around the join.

I'm REALLY chuffed with the ear repair!

Currently I'm planning everything to 200 Reputation Crews (200 IS the NEW 350) - to give me something to build on, I've got to keep on top of this - as losing all that work was really upsetting (and I have a Wonderland Crew and Arkham Knight coming) - and I want my painted collection back (at least GETTING BACK) to where it was before).

Friday, 30 October 2015


Well, the new NEW Releases for the BMG are out - and its a festival of exciting stuff.

First Off we have first Models for the Direct-Only Knight Models Legends Line - with the Arkham Asylum and the Arkham Knight Batmobile being the first two - stunning stuff.

Then, as if THAT'S Not enough - the Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Resin Kit - anyone who doesn't go "oooooh" at least once is NOT a true Batman Fan (LoL).

The Limited Edition Joker Cover BMG Rulebook is available again (until 11/8/2015) unfortunately, WITHOUT the Limited Edition Red Hood Joker, but its a great opportunity to pick up this alt Cover BMG Rulebook.

Right, onto the Metals - the Stuff we're all really interested in!


All I can say is WOW! THIS is the Joker Model I've been waiting for personally (and his Rules are pretty nice too).

FINALLY A Joker who can Intimidate (Intimidate Rule) and Wind People Up! (Demotivate Rule) - AND he FINALLY has his Acid Flower!

Joker/Harley Crews now also get a new Thug in the Gatling Brute! 

A Beast of a Model, that has the "Anti Tank" Rule - does that mean Vehicle Rules in the near future, I certainly hope so!

Next Up 'Spice' and some new Two-Face Goons - I much prefer these to the original Releases, and now with Spice Two-Face finally has a Sidekick!

The new Two-Face Models are gorgeous, but I think so much nicer than the original releases we need a new Two Face as well (come on Knight, how about it).

Last (but not least) Militia Set I - an eagerly awaited Henchman Upgrade for the Scarecrow Crew. 

A Medic, and a Rocket Launcher Henchman (who also has the Anti-Tank rule).


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review: Counter Attack Bases - Super Hero Skirmish Templates and Crit Dice

One of the things needed to play the Batman Miniature Game is templates. The game needs two: An Expansive template (also called a flamer template in other game systems), for weapons and abilities that have an expansive spray effect, and an Explosive template, for weapons and abilities that effect an area.

I've been meaning to pick some of these up for a while know, but so far have not had crews that need them. Now that I do, I decided to take a look at what was out there.

Knight Models have a page in the back of the rulebook with templates that you can photocopy and cut out. I don't really fancy this option however, as photocopies stuck on card aren't going to last very long.

However, a number of industrious companies out there have come up with acrylic templates. I decided to go with Counter Attack Bases, using their 'it's not designed for BMG, honest' range, Super Hero Skirmish:

I went for clear acrylic, though they do a number of colours. I also went for the default text, both in content and font, and again, you can order custom text and fonts at an extra cost. I also picked up some Crit dice, used for the Collateral Damage roll in the game, as they looked quite snazzy.

First up, the Expansive Template:

This clocks in at £5 from Counter Attack Bases. If you want custom text, you pay an extra £1.25. It's made from quite thick and sturdy 3mm Perspex, so it's not going to break any time soon. In addition, the printing and text is sharp, and the perspex is very clear, so you can see what's going on under the template. It's not cheap for what it is, but seeing as you'll only probably ever buy one of these, I think it's worth it.

Next, we have the Explosive Template:

Again, it's made from the same 3mm Perspex, and is very sturdy. Once again, the perspex is clear and the text is sharp. This one costs £4, with the additional £1.25 for custom text, and is available in a range of colours.

Now, let's have a look at the dice:

These are 16mm pearl red dice, with the 'CRT' logo replacing the '6' side. They clock at £1.25 each. I really like these, as there's no confusion as to which dice is being used for the Collateral Damage dice.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my purchase from Counter Attack Bases. They also do a range of acrylic tokens, for objectives, abilities and effects etc. Not sure whether I have a massive need for these, but it may be worth looking at them at some point.

Considering that you need these for play (the templates, not the dice), and only really need one set, an initial outlay of £9.00 plus postage is not too bad, in my opinion.

Dan's Rating: 9/10

Monday, 26 October 2015

Rebasing Clayface! - Part II

So, now that the green stuff on Clayface's base has set, I can get on with painting.

First, I've primed it in white (GW's Corax White, which is slightly 'off' white.):

Once primed, the 'claytrail' got a base-coat of GW's Mournfang Brown:

It certainly has a gloopy look to it so far! Next I hit it with a wash of Agrax Earthshade, then a dry-brush of XV-88, again, by GW (snakebite leather to us old fogeys!):

Once the claytrail was done, I moved onto the paving slabs, based with Dawnstone, washed with Nuln Oil, then highlighted in Dawnstone and finished off with Administratum Grey:

The edge of the base was painted Abbaddon Black. All that was left to do then is attach Clayface to his new base, touch up a few chips on him, then varnish the whole lot, including the new base. 

The finished product:

I'm very pleased with the way this has come out. Not only does it look nice, but it has also solved the balance issues of the miniature, as he's now at a slight angle, which has redistributed the centre of gravity. 

Plus, he now matches the rest of my collection. Now I just need to summon up the courage to rebase my Two-face crew!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Knight Models Legends

Well, the "big reveal" Knight Models Legends - something new from Knight Models a Direct Sales only range of Products for the DC (and I would think) Marvel ranges.

"Knight Models Legends was created with the idea of bringing the magic of comic book universes to our original product range. Iconic Buildings, detailed vehicles and even alternate miniature lines will all become reality with this new brand. We will be using different materials such as resin for many future releases as we would like KM Legends to be known for its superior quality"

We at the A.C.L. are chuffed, really pleased - anything which expands the range and extends the "Universe" for collectors and gamers is a great thing.

They've even 'teased' us with another image - Its OBVIOUSLY some form of Bat-Vehicle (look at the wheel) but what?!?

They are also updating the Website, adding in all the current ranges - and even new resources too, like a Crew Builder.

Exciting Times all Around!