Monday, 12 October 2015

Batman Miniature Game Worldwide Tournament - UK - The Judges View...

It's been a couple of weeks since the Worldwide Batman Miniature Game tournament on September 26th 2015. As international Batman Day, it was the perfect time to hold a (virtually) simultaneous BMG tournament in four cities across the world.

The UK leg of the tournament was held at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, used to depict Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. As such, it made for a very thematic location for the day.

The event itself was organised by Knight Models and Animosity Wargaming, with support from DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

The Arkham City Limits Facebook Admin team were asked to serve as Judges at the event, so Drew, Ian, Sai and myself made our way, bleary eyed, to Wollaton Hall on the Saturday morning.

Suffice it to say, the event was fantastic, with some lovely looking crews on display, as well as some great cosplayers getting into the spirit of things. The boards were simply stunning too, being provided in the main by Holmfirth Games Club. Quite a bit has already been posted about the event around the web, so for the duration of this article, I'll stick to a retrospective view from the perspective of a Judge.

During the run up to the event, the Admin team of the ACL seemed to take the brunt of the rules queries and questions that came up across the community. We ran back and forth between the community and Knight Models to find out the answer to the most common questions that were cropping up (most revolving around lampposts, sewers and objectives, but I ain't opening that can of worms again!).

Some of the discussions got a little tense amongst the player base, so we started the day with a note of caution, in case any of the more vocal members of the community decided to rehash the debate in real life, so to speak. We needn't have worried, as most of the players were focused on the day at hand, determine to have a great time.

The event saw 38 players take to the mean streets of Gotham City, fielding crews ranging from the Joker, Bane, Harley Quinn and Two-Face. Even the Batpod got a look in. Due to the numbers, all four of us Judges were busy walking the tables, being grabbed as we passed by over various rules queries that came up.

One thing I noticed was that there seemed to be a reluctance to get the rulebook out, and check on certain rulings. Many times I was grabbed by players and queried on rules, and my simple response was 'Have you looked in the rulebook?' (something I became known for!), as I knew full well that the answer to their question was written in quite plain English. Often times, this question was met with a sheepish grin, followed by a sudden grab for their copy of the rules.

It got quite amusing toward the end of the day, but it did highlight that the game is really still in its infancy to some degree (a great time to get into it, by the way!) and that folks are still getting to grips with the system.

Joker's One Shot Gun also reared it's head a few times over the course of the day. Due to it's unique nature (an automatic, strength 2+ hit, though NOT a Firearm...), it did throw up quite a few curve-balls. None that couldn't be sorted out by a bit of logic and common sense, but one rules query involving it took all four of us Judges gathered round a table to sort out at one point...

Overall though, we had a great day, and I think it did a lot to further create a sense of community for the game. We saw a bit of power gaming, the odd deliberate bit of time wasting, or beardy rules interpretation, but nothing major. Most seemed to have fun, and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

We look forward to the next big event for BMG. Who knows, maybe next time, we'll actually get to play!

Thanks to our friend and fellow ACL Admin, Sai Harris, we have a rather funky video summary of the day. Check it out below, and please ignore the two scary looking geezers with dodgy brummie accents...


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