Monday, 5 October 2015

In a mates house, not too long ago, and not very far away . . . . . .

Sunday Just gone in fact, the 4th of October 2015 at my Mate Toby's house.

Quite a chilly morning when I got into the Car actually, and was a little over tired from not sleeping (again).

The game itself was a blast, no pictures (sorry) as due to my friends disabilities he gets really uptight around cameras, so even my Phone was left downstairs in the Kitchen.

My good friend Toby wasn't well (he'd been fitting during the night), so I ended up playing Stuart (Toby's brother - joy of joys, Stuart is ULTRA competitive) - using my unpainted Batman Force (to my shame) of Batman (AK), Swamp Thing, and Robin (Damien Wayne).

Stuart took his undefeated (as in, he's never really played anyone but family members with it - and I know he fiddles and blusters) Organized Crime Crew: Red Hood, Lt. Branden, Deadshot, Agent Ron, GCPD Detective, Gotham Policeman (Baton), Dirty Tom, and Boris.

UNFORTUNATELY for Him, Swamp Thing is a MONSTER on the tabletop - and Toby (and Stuarts) Mum had set up the terrain. Now being a housewife, she tends to "dress" the table with greenery "because it looks pretty" - which of course was useful for Swampy's "Green Travel".

It wasn't long before Swamp Thing was zipping around the board pounding the crap out of Henchmen (something that's EASY for him to do) - and the amount of damage he can take is scary (Regeneration helped a LOT) - even so, EVENTUALLY he went down (as in dead) to shooting from Deadshot.

Stuart wasted a lot of time and manpower on Swampie - which kinda brought it down to Batman vs Red Hood, with Jason being backed up by Dirty Tom and Boris.

Now, Dirty Tom and Boris were sent in first - which I think was stupid, it wasn't long before both were KO'd - something that they failed to recover from for the rest of the Game (at this Point Toby had cheered right up LoL).

Now, Red Hood (as in the first Red Hood Knight released) is indeed tough, but he's NOT as Tough as Batman AK. A combination of my average dice rolls dragged the fight out, but it did not end well for Toddy - not at all.

ALL THE TIME this was going on - young Damien got ignored - and I mean TOTALLY. During the entire game (which I still think was 10 turns, but Stuart grumpily insisted it was just 8) Robin was the ONLY model attempting to capture objectives - of which, he ended up with one.

Even though Stuart didn't calculate VP's at the time (frankly he was too angry and frustrated), it was obvious he'd lost - Swamp Thing was a Casualty not KO'd so only 3 VP's there, Batman was on 1 Blood and no Stun, the GCPD Detective was a Casualty, Red Hood was KO'd, both Dirty Tom and Boris remained KO's, and Robin was unhurt and had captured an objective.

By the halfway through mark Stuart was blustering, his usual plan of "kill them all" wasn't working - and by the end I was on 15 VP's - now that's not a lot to be sure, but enough - and although I'm not entirely sure of Stuarts score, it was obvious he was nowhere close.

Things I learned - 

1 - Batman AK is a beast of a Model, and a good all rounder for Combat. I passed most of my Batarmour Saves (which helped) 5+ saves are the way to go! 

2 - Swamp Thing is underused, more Batman Crews should take him. He's really tough, and the reduced VP's for him being a Casualty (Immortal) stops you from being timid about using him.

3 - Can't say too Much about Damien, as he got ignored - Stuart didn't see him as a threat. So I used that to my advantage. I probably could have got to more objectives, but sadly I did under-use him (mostly being distracted by laughing with Toby so hard at the game).

4 - DON'T lose your rag (see Page 8 ;) ) it stops you thinking, and makes you forget things (By the same Token, don't laugh to hard - it stops you thinking, and makes you forget things)- I'm hoping Stuart learned his lesson, but I doubt it.

Good Times

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