Friday, 16 October 2015

It's Not a Problem, I can Handle It (Part II)

The new releases ARE REALLY calling me this Month, and I mean all of them - so I've made the effort here and there to do SOME work on my BMG Miniatures, even if its just a little blocking in.

My Process is a little different to most - so my Mini's always go through a "messy" phase.

Deathstroke has had multiple shading washes, Army Painter Strong Tone Ink, left to dry and then followed by Army Painter Blue Tone Ink, then a final (after drying) Army Painter Strong Tone Ink wash. These were thinned slightly (as usual with Airbrush Thinner rather than water).

After that a VERY light dry-brush of dark Grey - this helps show all the details.

The "plates" in Deathstroke's Armour was painted Army Painter Plate Mail Metal - and then, when dry washed with (you guessed it) thinned Army Painter Blue Tone Ink.

Early Days yet, but you can see where I'm going with him (I hope). I'm going for the more metallic look, which appeals to me - and I'll more than likely use Army Painter Greedy Gold with an Army Painter Jumpsuit Shader wash for the Orange Plates and Side of the Mask.

I'm trying a TOTALLY different Look with my Blackgate Prisoners Set One - basing them around this picture.

As you can see the more violent Criminals sport dirty white Coveralls, as opposed to the classic orange of the General Population.

So far I've got the basic blocking in, and the first "dirtying" wash - I need to start working up the highlights, through a dirty white, to a final highlight of Vallejo "Off White" (I rarely go to pure white).

Last we have the High Security Henchman - again, I'm staying away from the Orange - the look of him to me says he's ready to be transferred to Arkham, so I'm going for red Coveralls.

The washes/glazes put in place so far, are preparing him for that - so far, in successive order I've used Army Painter Soft Tone Ink, going over it once - letting it dry and then going over the leather straps with it a second time. When that was all dry, I washed the Coveralls with Army Painter Red Tone Ink - I didn't think any of the washes this time at all.

As you can see, its given me a base from which to work - now it's the fun stuff. Highlighting and Detailing - the parts of painting I love the most.

Still, there's so much more to do!

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  1. What undercoat did you use with deathstroke, white or grey???

    Going to try the technique/colours on some other of my models...