Wednesday, 7 October 2015

It's Not a Problem, I can Handle It (Part I)

I've not done much building or painting lately, not just because of time - but because of "hand issues" (I have early onset arthritis) its NOT a big problem, it comes and goes - but recently, its been pretty bad.

Even so I made a concerted effort to get things done! 

First up, are my Black Mask Crew - I fortunately have two "Goons" with their arms crossed as I luckily found a single one on Ebay. UNLUCKILY, I had lost a head - but with a little effort, some instant mold, and brown-putty made sure I had a replacement.

My Black Mask Crew are something I've wanted to tackle for some time - and am Looking forward to (Hopefully Soon LoL) Painting them.

Whilst there is more there than I plan to use on the table top in a 350 Rp / $1500 Game - my proposed List is as Follows.

Black Mask
Solomon Grundy
Goon 2
Dirty Tom
Mule Goon

Reputation: 349 & Funding: $1150.00

I like my Crews "fluffy" - and Black Mask likes surrounding himself with his own men, with maybe a couple of "expendable" people - here represented by Boris, Dirty Tom, and Solomon Grundy.

As I had prepped two "thuggish" Free Agents already, and the Black Mask crew is lacking in any really heavy models, I've opted to use Solomon Grundy. Killer-Croc will still get worked on - but he doesn't have a "home" as of yet.

Whilst the Black Mask crew isn't the toughest out there, I think its one of the most flavoursome (for want of a better word) - I know its not easy to use, but I like a challenge.

Now, my next "bunch" of Models are heavily influenced by the fact that Deathstroke has now entered the fray as Leadership material - now he's been upgraded to a Sidekick (and therefore a Leader too) as well.

So, I stripped my Blackgate Prisoners Set One - and rebuilt them - whilst assembling my Blackgate Prisoners Set Two - Ok, I have no Arkham Militia Yet (the Henchmen that come with Scarecrow in the new set) but at least I can make a start.

As you can see from the Picture, another Free Agent has appeared in my Gotham City - Deadshot! Being as my Deathstroke Crew will have to be initially comprised of all Blackgate Prisoners - I thought the addition of Deadshot would add some much needed firepower to the Crew.

Obviously, there are too many Models there for a 350 Rep Crew, so once again what I'm prepping to paint is a much smaller list than what I might field during a game.

Prisoner Turk (Handguns)
Prisoner 05 (Automatic Gun)
Prisoner 03 (Axe)
Prisoner 04 (Brass Knuckles)
Prisoner Little Spark  (Heavy Electric Baton)

Reputation: 343 & Funding: 1080

Again I've tried to keep things "fluffy" - in this Case Deathstroke has recruited some Local Talentfor a Job, and has brought in Deadshot to keep them in line (or maybe "sell out" if things go wrong LoL).

Using the Blackgate Prisoners (and Deathstroke) has a two-fold reasoning to it - I really want to get my first lot of Blackgate Prisoners Painted, I tried - I messed them up so this will be hopefully the start of a concerted effort to paint them.

This will be the third Deathstroke I've painted - a quickie job for my friend Toby, an unsuccessful attempt for myself (he's now in the paint stripper) and now this one.

It seems a lot right, and I'm the first to admit it does - but, I'm having a lot of fun with it again (now my hands are a little less painful) - and all that is without all the variant Batman Models, Various Heroes & Free Agents, Gotham Penguin, the Watchmen, the GCPD (the painted ones of which got damaged and need work), Penguin Crew, Bane Crew, Joker Crew, and League of Shadows . . . . .

I think I have an addiction - but, It's Not a Problem, I can Handle It . . . . . . . .

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