Friday, 23 October 2015

Knight Models Legends

Well, the "big reveal" Knight Models Legends - something new from Knight Models a Direct Sales only range of Products for the DC (and I would think) Marvel ranges.

"Knight Models Legends was created with the idea of bringing the magic of comic book universes to our original product range. Iconic Buildings, detailed vehicles and even alternate miniature lines will all become reality with this new brand. We will be using different materials such as resin for many future releases as we would like KM Legends to be known for its superior quality"

We at the A.C.L. are chuffed, really pleased - anything which expands the range and extends the "Universe" for collectors and gamers is a great thing.

They've even 'teased' us with another image - Its OBVIOUSLY some form of Bat-Vehicle (look at the wheel) but what?!?

They are also updating the Website, adding in all the current ranges - and even new resources too, like a Crew Builder.

Exciting Times all Around!

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