Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rebasing Clayface! - Part I

So I decided to have a go at rebasing my Clayface miniature. He's one of my favourite characters in BMG, as well as the Batman mythos as a whole, but I was always frustrated that while the miniature is super cool, it's also very top heavy, and constantly falls over while in use.

This has led to a very chipped paint job (super annoying) and all sorts of issues in game. The original base was sand and PVA, painted to look like tarmac/asphalt, with big junks of grit painted as chunks of clay:

So, I'm in the process of rebasing him on a Fenris Aftermath 40mm topper (which I reviewed recently on the blog).

The topper I've chosen is slightly raised at one end, meaning I can angle him upwards, thus redistributing the centre of gravity of the miniature. I've also sculped a claytrail, so to speak, on the base:

He now stands a little taller, and more importantly, is much better balanced:

I've done a few test 'nudges', and he is rock solid (pun intended :P).Once I've got the base painted, and Clayface mounted on it, and his paint job repaired, I'll post an update.



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  1. Wise idea. :)

    And for me an issue that Knight Models should have taken more care with - the really big models which are more naturally suited to a larger base size such as 50 mm. Mileage varies of course. :)