Monday, 12 October 2015

The Batman Miniature Game Data-Bank

Germán Fco Martínez Navarro a member of the Arkham City Limits Group, has created a resource for Batman Miniature Game Players.

The Batman Miniature Game Databank - a huge undertaking which is still underway, that will not only have the Rep and $ costs for every Miniature in the Game - but all their Data Cards as well.

Although the page is in Spanish, all the Cards and Reference is either easily understandable or in English.

Check it Out - The Batman Miniature Game Databank

I think this is a fantastic idea, how about you guys?

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  1. Thanks for the re-post! I have ended the half of the gangs, I expect to end it before the weekeng. Only Penguin can take me some time, it is like Joker.
    I hope it can be at least half usefull than Bat-Builder until we have a better tool.