Friday, 9 October 2015

The Wonderland Crew Part Two (HEY - THAT RHYMES!)

WOW the Cards for the Wonderland Crew are certainly an eye opener!

Carrying a Cal 0.60 Gun with three Blood Damage, the Mad Hatter also has eminently suitable Personal Traits (Dodge, Handyman, Small, Mastermind, and Weak) - but his Special Traits (Charm and Mind Control Device) really set the characters profile as being the classic Mad Hatter Batman Villain. All that for just 75 Rep - wot a Bargain!

As I expected Tweedledee and Tweedledum are non "spam-able" Henchmen, which (of course) means more henchmen to come - 'Dum is a little pricier than 'Dee (38 Rep/$600 vs 30 Rep/$300) - probably because 'Dum can benefit from Ammo, whereas 'Dee can't as his weapon has the new 'Beam' Trait. But both are Hampered (-1 Willpower) when the other Cousin isn't present in the Crew.

BUT the Biggest Treat (for Joker Fans at least) is that Both Tweedledee and Tweedledum can be taken in a Joker Crew!

Lastly, we have the White Rabbit - who is a Free Agent (now I'm wondering WHO will be the Hatters Sidekick) and she can also be taken as a Free Agent for a Bane Crew (she must like big & tall men, Sorry Hatter LoL). Fast, Acrobat, and Confusion are her Personal Traits - which are backed up by Bluff (which can reduce a targets Attack), and Escape Artist (which is going to be VERY useful, as she is immune to close combat grab). At just 55 Rep, shes an excellent Value Free Agent.

I think the Wonderland Crew is shaping up to be one of the best of the new Crews - what do you guys think?

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