Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Its no surprise to me that Deathstroke has "leadership potential" - as my FAVOURITE Villain in the ENTIRE DC Universe, I must admit that I "squeeeed" a little at todays news from Knight Models that Deathstrokes rules/card is being updated to Sidekick (Scarecrow).

I must admit this pleases me greatly, that I (and all the other Deathstroke Fans out there) can now use Deathstroke as a Leader for a Crew - and the Scarecrow Militia are just perfect for the role to-boot.

One of the things I am really enjoying about the BMG currently, is the fact that the game is still growing and the guys at Knight are willing to amend/expand the rules for Characters and Crews - leaving us players with even more fun options when planning our Games.

Personally we are over the Moon about this - I hope everyone is as excited as We are at the A.C.L.E!

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  1. I do like these little tweaks, not only does it make folk happy, but (like the Harley options) you can create a vastly alternate crew with a subtle change of leadership. Just need Damien to be eligible for the Court now...