Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Foggiest Notion (or It's Not a Problem, I can Handle It Part IIa)

Some of you (in particular my Gaming and ACL Friends) will be aware of miniatures related disaster I had recently - during a particularly bad spat of weather, we lost some slates off the roof - and that resulted in the wind blowing around inside the attic and knocking over a stack of figure cases.

This resulted in the greater majority of my BMG Collection (both part painted and fully finished) bouncing around in the cases - damaging all of them, three have been repaired without having to strip the paint off them. The rest are being stripped - and will be started again. One, Nightwing, was irreparable - when I tried straightening his batons the broke off and the left ankle (which had been repaired once before) is beyond my skills to repair it now sadly.

I had a decided notion to get back on the horse, and re-build my painted collection ASAP - which is hard for me (I'm a slow painter with bad hands) but still, here I go.

So my other BMG painting is going to remain on the shelf for now, whilst I play catch-up (see that article here) most of my finished Batman's are being stripped now so I turned my attention to the Arkham Knight Batman. I decided to keep him on the Gargoyle (I know some haven't, but I like it LoL) - and I'm finding him a little hard going for some reason. So far I've glazed him to give definition - painted the under-mesh of his suit and started the Gloves and Boots.

The Red Hood was an easy repair, his arm came of clean - and he needed re-basing (all that needs doing now is a tidy/touch up around his feet)

Officer Porkins (as I call him) was in a bad state, the GCPD Writing on the back of his jacked had chipped off - his flashlight arm had come off, and his nightstick was completely gone (I couldn't find it) - the replacement is a paper-clip/putty effort.

The GCPD Detective is a new paint job, I started him whilst Agent Ron was soaking in the paint stripper. Ron's now ready to clean up properly and polish.

The Detective is well on his way now, I'm pleased with the progress on his coat - still need to tidy up around the buttons.

Lastly, and this was a FIDDLY one - my Urban Batman. The arm and ear broke off - the ear sheared off, and was lost. The Arm was just a clean up and re-glue - then touch up the paint around the join.

I'm REALLY chuffed with the ear repair!

Currently I'm planning everything to 200 Reputation Crews (200 IS the NEW 350) - to give me something to build on, I've got to keep on top of this - as losing all that work was really upsetting (and I have a Wonderland Crew and Arkham Knight coming) - and I want my painted collection back (at least GETTING BACK) to where it was before).


  1. Sorry to hear about the damage. It looks like you're making some solid progress getting things back together.

    I like 200 and 250 point games too. 300 and 350 just feel too massive to really enjoy.

  2. Good luck with the repair's and re-painting. :)

  3. Ouch my sympathies mate. It's never fun painting he same model a second time when things like this happen. I hope you can get them back upto scratch.